Flash Fiction: Twin Flames

twin flamesI sit on my throne and I wonder… Is there someone out there for me?

I survey my tiny island kingdom and know that I’m supposed to think that it is enough. I have my many concubines to occupy my bed at night, my queen to bear the heirs that fill my heart and days with joy, but still I feel like only half of a soul.

Is there another king out there? Another leader of men, ruler of another small island nation, a drinker of life and salt air who would truly understand me for the man I am? Is he out there now, staring at the same stars as I, dreaming of the same armies, and the same immortal monuments?

I know he is, and I will find him! I shall build a great fleet to seek the twin of my soul, and when we find one another, we shall conquer this watery world as one!