Patron Short Fiction: Jack be Quick

The leaner came upon the city gate more quickly than Rabbit had expected. The rider was soot-covered, and wore a large box on her back, the straps crisscrossing over tightly fitted clothes which looked like they would belong on a bandstand if they were cleaner. The woman stopped the machine about ten meters from Rabbit. She lifted a pair of goggles from her eyes, revealing pale, non-sooted skin beneath. She glanced at Rabbit and smiled before kicking down the leaner’s brace, and swinging a leg over the machine. She lifted the seat, revealing a cargo space, from which she drew a wicker basket filled with colorful orbs. From this angle, Rabbit could see, even through the soot, the box on her back was a wood and brass instrument with pipes and cranks. It had been a pipe-organ she had heard. Rabbit tensed, this might be one of the people SpringHeel was always talking about. The woman turned away from the leaner with the basket in the crook of one elbow and looked toward the burning city.

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Patreon Update: First milestone reached

Thanks to a couple of new Patrons this week, the Manawaker Patreon has reached its first milestone: T-Shirts!

That’s right, within the next few weeks, I’ll have a series of t-shirts available for sale in the Manawaker store.

The next milestone will unlock a new weekly fiction feature. I’ll have some details about what that might be soon, but in the meantime, if you’d like to help it happen check out the Manawaker Patreon page.


Patron Short Fiction: Cookie’s Leverage

One more Patreon patron, and Manawaker Studio will hit its first Patreon goal. As enticement, here is an excerpt from this week’s ‘Patrons only’ story, “Cookie’s Leverage”:

Cookie pushed his face against the bars. Twilight was quickly turning to night, but he could see the outline of the dark creature against the bright grass. He sighed. He was not going to be getting out of this cage for a while, but being trapped in a horse, that must be even worse. “I don’t know if you can understand me Lauisis,” he said trying to sound reassuring, “I don’t know if you’re sick or … I don’t know much about your people’s shape-shifting, but whatever is going on with you, I’m certain it can be fixed. With patience and provenance… Well, someone will surely be along soon to find us both.”

The beast turned around to look at him, its eyes shining yellow-green in the meager light, then slowly lay in the grass.

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