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Note: The Quantum Beam Transmitter is a communications technology first theorised by Doctor Cosmo Firenczi in 2098. The Lunar research labs were experiencing significant inconveniences due to a communications lag with researchers Earthside. The QBT, if it worked, would allow faster-than-light data transmission, but it had significant drawbacks. The technology was far too expensive, the beam was far too difficult to keep properly aimed (as it required constant line-of-sight and literal pin-point accuracy) and there was a small chance that – under the right conditions – the beam could be dangerous. The technology was shelved, and “Quantum Beam” became a pejorative for ideas which seemed miraculous, but which had significant drawbacks. It was nearly a century and a half before anyone thought about trying to make it work again.

Patron flash fiction: The Coven

She knew that no adept, no matter how sensitive, could ever use their power without an MA Engine nearby, but she’d heard it was good to practice the techniques even when the engine was not around to make her will manifest, now that she knew how to ‘flex the muscles’, as it were, she could get a little stronger without actually doing anything. She wasn’t sure how much she believed it, but she still found herself doing a lot of flexing throughout the day, especially when bored.

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Recycled Comics: Rattleback Skies – Page 1-1

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About a month ago, I announced that, thanks to my Patreon patrons, Manawaker would be getting a new, weekly feature. I wasn’t sure what it was going to be at the time, but now I’m ready to present Manawaker Studio Recycled Comics.

I’m taking old comics, comics which have lived their long lives, and been retired into the public domain, and I’m giving them new life, by giving them new words. The art from the original stories remains, but the story is new. It is a challenge for me, something that will hone my ability to write with restraints, and hopefully it will also be entertaining for you.

Starting today, each Wednesday I’ll be posting another Recycled Comics page or strip. Thanks for reading.


Patron Flash Fiction: Critical Demolition

A new story was posted to the Patreon feed. Here is an excerpt:

Carlos stares from the viewport of the control room in Construction Station Zeta, and watches the husk of sooty dirt which is left of Earth rotate beneath him. Soon, he will get a message, and he will push a button. He’s sat in chairs like this one before, and pushed buttons like these after calls like the one he’s expecting. This time, though, a part of him hopes he doesn’t get the call.

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