It’s okay. They are over here now: http://recycledcomics.manawaker.com/ If you’re used to getting your RC fix from RSS, you’ll have to subscribe to the RSS on the new site to continue to receive the new(old) strips. The site’s visual design is still a WiP, but this change should make the stories significantly easier to navigate.


Readers, fans, contributors, and collaborators, It’s been eight months since the last update roundup from Manawaker Studio. I hope this note finds you well. I know you’re busy; I’ll try to keep it quick. The big news that prompted this update is the release of Starward Tales, Manawaker Studio’s latest anthology. My biased opinion is that…


Note: While it seems Jansen was waxing philosophical here, he was really just reiterating lessons he learned as a child. Solar Society at this time was dominated by the philosophy of The Universal Commons, basically an upholding of the ideals of Accountable Socialism in nearly all aspects of life. Children were taught early that no one owned…


Note: Though only the most wealthy could afford interplanetary trips, cruising remained a popular vacation choice even deep into the quantum age. On Mars, these cruise liners were slow, high-capacity dirigibles. Popular ports-of-call included Historical Mars City, College Station, Nouveau Paris, Cattown, and North Polar Cap Systemic Parklands (“NoCap Park” to the locals).


“You’re an old one,” he whispered with a small smile, “probably got some interesting stuff in there.” He lined up his flenser on the glass of the pod, and squeezed the actuator. The device made a soft purring sound, as it carved its tiny hole through the glass. “Maybe you’re holding on to the secret…


Note: Part of the Science Minister’s odd non-official power on Mars was that the position was given full administrative access to all research projects on the planet. Ostensibly, this was a sign of respect and trust in the office, and was often cited as a very good reason to be very careful about who was…


One of my Flash Fiction stories, “Man From Oyon” is in the first issue of Fantasia Divinity Magazine. It’s free on Kindle until the 10th of August, if you’re into that sort of thing.