My story “For More Time with You” is in the new volume of Archaeopteryx: The Newman Journal of Ideas.


The first piece of fiction I ever sold for real money was “Last Girl”, which appeared in the 2010 publication 2013: The Aftermath which was a collection of stories about apocalypse survivors (remember when we thought (joked?) that the world would end in 2012?). The story was first reprinted as a chapbook in 2013, then…


Outside the ship, I took a moment to look the other vessel over. It was huge. The skipper had to have been at least a little disappointed that it wasn’t clear for salvage, but Interstellar law dictated that we rendered aid to ships in distress when we found them, and he took the duty very…


Manawaker Studio’s first table top game, Dragon Line, is now available to play on Board Game Arena. Check it out here.