She took a bite of the stale biscuit from her plate. At least, she assumed it was her plate. She made a lot of assumptions. This tea and biscuit had been left here for her, surely. Who else would it be here for? She was the only person in all the islands as far as…


Once you felt it, you knew: It had always been there. It had always been racing forward from the ancient past to find this moment. It had been banished once, but it knew that the rituals to return it whence it had come would someday be forgotten, so on that distant, antique day, it chose…


Two new publications to report today “The Fires upon the Tower” is in the Spring issue of Culture Cult. “Post-Human Bread” is in Issue 9 of Dark Mountain.  


The Scarlet Leaf Review this month ran my four-part story, collectively called The Fate of the Damned Engine You can check it here: How It Really Went Down The Truth Is Transcript of Call Recorded by Gamma-Ovantia Orbit Guard Station  Let Me Tell You Something  


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The ground shook beneath, and he nearly lost his footing. Wisps of smoke rose from the floor of the basin. Time is running out. The jostling loosened the cloth from the top of the bundle he carried, revealing his daughter’s lifeless face. “We’re almost there, Princess.” he said to her pale features as he pulled…


One of my stories, “Unfounded Identity”, is in the new issue of The Fable Online.   You can read it here: