Flash Fiction: Like a Banshee

[begin transcript]

You’re not going to pass out again are you?…

I feel so lost…

You were about to tell me about the monster

It wasn’t really a monster, it was more like a freak, I guess. It had grey skin and huge, dead eyes.

An Alien?

No. It wasn’t an alien either. It was human shaped. I saw it very clearly. This wasn’t some half-seen blur in the darkness, like you see in movie flashbacks. This was the middle of a bright, clear day.

A grey person? Hmm… Was it an albino?

No. Albinos have red eyes, right? Yea. This thing had dark eyes. They were large, but you couldn’t see any whites, just shiny black eyes.

You keep calling the creature ‘it’. Do you not think it had a gender?

I know it didn’t.

What do you mean?

I mean that it had no definition.

No definition?

Yea, you know… no… parts…

It was naked?

Yea, and that whole part of its body was… missing.

It was wounded?

No. More like it never had anything there, just…. blank skin…


I don’t really want to talk about this anymore… can we pick-up later?

Just a few more questions. Don’t blank out on me again.

I’m so tired…

I know, I am too. Just a few more questions?


What did the creature do?

Well it was just sort of wandering around, and I didn’t want to attract its attention, but then [redacted] started to scream.

That attracted the creature’s attention?

Yea, it started comming at us real fast.

That’s when it raped the girl?

No! I told you guys! It just ran into her. She fell down, and the thing disappeared into the woods, screaming.


Like a banshee.

The techs ran a rape kit, and found your genetic material.

Yea, they told me. I told them that it wasn’t rape. [redacted] wanted to go do it in the woods! You can ask her when she wakes up.

[redacted] is dead.


The girl is dead. You raped her, and you killed her.

No! I told you guys! I – [gargling sound]

Hey! Snap out of it! … Shit… Wake him up!

I said wake him up!

Nooo! Get away from me!! [harsh scream]

Oh my god! Oh my god! That’s the same mark we saw on the girl! What the hell is going-

[end transcript]