16 November 2017

My story “Those Who Favour Fire” is in this issue of Nature. Check it out! They also had me write a quick blog post for them explaining the inspiration for the story.

28 July 2017

My story, “RapUnsEl” has been reprinted in Distressing Damsels, an anthology of fairy tales with strong female characters.

15 May 2017

My flash story, “The Order of the Leaf-Eaters is in the S/S 2017 issue of Allegory.

22 March 2017

The third Issue of Recycled Comics, “Savior”, will begin this time next week. In the meantime, you can take a look at the most recent issue, “Insubstantial” in full (including two bonus one-page comics) over on the Recycled Comics site.

28 February 2017

Check out my story “The Guardian of the Artifact Vault atop The City” in Empyreome magazine.

15 February 2017

Fans, Contributors, Friends: Here at Manawaker Studio HQ, I spent a lot of time yesterday thinking about love, and what it means to see and feel love in the world around us. There is a lot going on right now, and we could all use a dose of affection. So, I got to thinking what Manawaker…

3 February 2017

Rene was halfway out on the Redwing trail when the sobbing stopped her steps. It was a dry, green day at the mouth of Spring. It was still a little cold for short-clothes, but she couldn’t help herself, and had gotten out her khaki hiking shorts and denim short-sleeve blouse to put on with her…