A gift from Manawaker Studio

Fans, Contributors, Friends:

Here at Manawaker Studio HQ, I spent a lot of time yesterday thinking about love, and what it means to see and feel love in the world around us. There is a lot going on right now, and we could all use a dose of affection. So, I got to thinking what Manawaker could do to spread some love.

I came up with a two-part gift. The first part is for you, the person reading this, and the second part is for everyone, even if they aren’t reading this.

First, The gift for you:

Starting today, and continuing through the end of the week (12AM Sunday night, PST), five of Manawaker Studios’ eBooks (Zeta Disconnect, Dangerous to Go Alone!, RapUnsEl and Other Stories, The Book of The Isles of the Sun, and The BIS Player’s Guide) will be free on Amazon. That’s completely free to all. No catch, no contest, just free eBooks. Go get them. I hope you enjoy them. 😀

Second, The gift for everyone:

There are three things, I think, which the world could use more of to promote global love and understanding: Protection, Well-being, and Information. Manawaker can’t provide those things directly, thus Manawaker Studio will be donating to three charities at the end of this week – ACLU, Doctors without Borders, and NPR. How much Manawaker will donate will depend on you. For every review (good or bad, long or short) that any Manawaker Product (not just the free ones above) receives on any primary US platform through the end of the week, Manawaker will donate a dollar, split among those three charities. For reference, here are all the eligible places to leave a review for this purpose in one handy list:

Originally, I was also going to tell you all about the audio release of Starward Tales, the new season of Flash Fiction Podcast, the success and good reception of the free, online edition of Dragon Line, and a reminder about the Manawaker Patreon, but this note is long enough already, so I will leave those things relegated to this paragraph, which is already over.

Thank you all for your time, energy, and support over the years.

-CB Droege