Check out my story “The Guardian of the Artifact Vault atop The City” in Empyreome magazine.


Fans, Contributors, Friends: Here at Manawaker Studio HQ, I spent a lot of time yesterday thinking about love, and what it means to see and feel love in the world around us. There is a lot going on right now, and we could all use a dose of affection. So, I got to thinking what Manawaker…


Rene was halfway out on the Redwing trail when the sobbing stopped her steps. It was a dry, green day at the mouth of Spring. It was still a little cold for short-clothes, but she couldn’t help herself, and had gotten out her khaki hiking shorts and denim short-sleeve blouse to put on with her…


One of my micro-fiction stories, “Some of Your Power”, is in Issue 9 of Ink in Thirds. Check it out here.