Concept: Escape from Spincity X

(Note: The work I started on was going to be a short choosable path adventure, but once I started actually plotting it out, it grew far too large for a FF piece, so I present here only the first passage. Perhaps I’ll complete the piece as a novella sometime.)


You awaken to a hazy view and a headache. Last you remember you were in your cabin on the HAS Tria. After a long day of negotiations, your employer, the Human Ambassador to The Garrison, was finally getting some sleep, and you were getting ready to do the same, now you’re here. Wherever this is…

Your body is sore, especially your neck. You try to move, but you are bound by your wrists, which lay numbly below you on the hard floor. The location is gloomy, but after a few moments, you make out the scene. You’re on the floor of the aisle of a jumper of some kind. There are rows of seats on either side, and light coming in from windows out of your view over the seats.

Slowly, you manage to roll, and get your knees under you, now kneeling there on the aisle runner, circulation begins to return to your arms. It nearly makes you cry out, as the pain, and need to stretch out your arms, overwhelms you, but you hear voices coming from outside the jumper, and force yourself to maintain silence. You strain, but cannot hear what they are saying.

Looking toward the front of the jumper, you can see that the cockpit door is open. It’s dark beyond the door, but you don’t think you see any movement there. Glancing back toward the rear of the jumper, you can see a small dufflebag sitting in the aisle, propped against a seat. Dark stains cover the bottom and sides

If you lift yourself up to peek over the seats, continue to passage 10

If you crawl toward the front of the vehicle, continue to passage 16

If you crawl toward the rear of the vehicle, continue to passage 21