“Dinner Parties Where Place Cards Leave No Choice in Seating” by Chella Courington

dinner parties

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  • Anne West
    2016-03-17 - 2:14 pm · Reply

    I’ve read a lot of Chella’s poetry, and some of her flash fiction. I must say, this piece marks a new era. This is masterly writing. I would like to see much more of her work. I’d also like to see some longer work. She’s written novella; perhaps now a novel?

    • Chella Courington
      2016-03-17 - 6:19 pm · Reply

      Thanks, Anne, for following my work. It’s gratifying to know it’s being heard. CB does a fine reading of this piece.

  • Ted Chiles
    2016-03-17 - 5:58 pm · Reply

    I can feel the tickle stick. I like the way the tension builds. So relatable. I wonder if she stabs him. Great ending.

    • Chella Courington
      2016-03-17 - 6:22 pm · Reply

      Thanks, Ted, for reading this piece & mentioning the tickle stick. That was a detail added in revision. Umm, not sure if she used that fork at the end.

  • Claudia McGarry
    2016-03-18 - 12:58 am · Reply

    Chella is delicate and intense all in the same instant. I love the ending, love the tone of this piece and the narration. I am using one of Chella’s short novels in a class I am teaching and the students are eating it up. Talented woman. I look forward to more material by her.

    • Chella Courington
      2016-03-18 - 12:34 pm · Reply

      Thanks so much, Claudia, for your kind words. I like that you feel the flash is both “delicate and intense.” I’m also flattered that you’re using my novella in the classroom. Thank you for all the support.

  • Kathryn Lubahn
    2016-03-18 - 9:26 am · Reply

    laughfter bubbles up in fluted glasses of champagne evoking memories of youth in distant past how do your words so simple evoke so much in me always

  • Chella Courington
    2016-03-18 - 12:31 pm · Reply

    Thanks, Kathryn, for reading my flash. I’m touched that my words “eovke to much in you always.” That’s what ideally I want them to do.

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