10 thoughts on “FFP 0108: Dinner Parties Where Place Cards Leave No Choice in Seating

  1. I’ve read a lot of Chella’s poetry, and some of her flash fiction. I must say, this piece marks a new era. This is masterly writing. I would like to see much more of her work. I’d also like to see some longer work. She’s written novella; perhaps now a novel?

    • Thanks, Anne, for following my work. It’s gratifying to know it’s being heard. CB does a fine reading of this piece.

  2. I can feel the tickle stick. I like the way the tension builds. So relatable. I wonder if she stabs him. Great ending.

    • Thanks, Ted, for reading this piece & mentioning the tickle stick. That was a detail added in revision. Umm, not sure if she used that fork at the end.

  3. Chella is delicate and intense all in the same instant. I love the ending, love the tone of this piece and the narration. I am using one of Chella’s short novels in a class I am teaching and the students are eating it up. Talented woman. I look forward to more material by her.

    • Thanks so much, Claudia, for your kind words. I like that you feel the flash is both “delicate and intense.” I’m also flattered that you’re using my novella in the classroom. Thank you for all the support.

  4. laughfter bubbles up in fluted glasses of champagne evoking memories of youth in distant past how do your words so simple evoke so much in me always

  5. Thanks, Kathryn, for reading my flash. I’m touched that my words “eovke to much in you always.” That’s what ideally I want them to do.

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