Ichabod Crane and the Magic Lamp and Other Stories

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Just outside the small town of Sleepy Hollow, retired Music Executive Ichabod Crane has been spending his days at the palatial estate of wealthy agri-business executive Baltus VanTassel, tutoring his daughter, Katerina, in digital music production. When a strange man claiming to be from the VanTassel’s ancestral homeland tricks him into exploring an ancient crypt to find a fabulous magic ring, his only companion is the daemon who inhabits the brass flashlight the wizard sent him in with.

Also included in this volume are 31 flash fiction stories including:

A timid man is surprised to find a wizard casting spells on his side-lawn one morning.

Unalloyed Payload
In an abandoned missile silo, the greatest of craftsmen tries to reconstruct the lover he left in Pohjola.

The Order of the Leaf Eaters
An acolyte of a sacred brotherhood of salad tasters begins to lose his faith.

Piggy the Gunman
A frontierswoman builds herself a scarecrow protector who is more than the sum of his parts.