Patron Flash Fiction – Mushroom Man

Rene was halfway out on the Redwing trail when the sobbing stopped her steps. It was a dry, green day at the mouth of Spring. It was still a little cold for short-clothes, but she couldn’t help herself, and had gotten out her khaki hiking shorts and denim short-sleeve blouse to put on with her hiking boots and cap. The sun was warm on her skin, where she could find it, but this was not one of the sunnier trails. She had spent the hike so far covered in goosebumps from the chill air, but it was nice to feel the beginnings of spring against her skin.

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CB in Altered Reality

The first piece of fiction I ever sold for real money was “Last Girl”, which appeared in the 2010 publication 2013: The Aftermath which was a collection of stories about apocalypse survivors (remember when we thought (joked?) that the world would end in 2012?).

The story was first reprinted as a chapbook in 2013, then in my collection RapUnsEl and Other Stories early last year.

Now it’s available to the readers of Altered Reality Magazine. It’s the fourth printing of the story, but it’s the first time it’s available for free to all online.

Patron Flash Fiction – Short Timer

The executive went wide-eyed for a moment and looked around as if making sure no one had heard. “Of course not Mr. Rixx, by law you have every right to resign your position.”

Rixx felt himself untense. “I will go now, then.” he said and started to rise.

“Wait just a moment,” the VP waved him back into his seat. “You have the right to resign, but, by those same laws, we are allowed to conduct, uhh…” he had to look down at some paperwork, “an ‘exit interview’, to be led by a member of the Personnel staff.”

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