Old Logo Sale!

Manawaker Studio has a new logo, and all of the packaging for Manawaker products has been redesigned. In an effort to turn my stock over to these new designs, I’m putting all products which still feature the old logo on steep discount here:

If you’d like to pick up any of these products, you can order them from me directly with the form below, just fill it out and submit, and we’ll settle up on Paypal.

Sale will remain until stock is depleted, but you should act quick. Stock is very limited on some of these items:

Item code Title
Old Logo Sale Price 
(incl. shipping)
Cover Price
BISM The Book of The Isles of the Sun
$21 $34.99
BISPG The Isles of the Sun Player’s Guide
$16 $24.99
CBDH The Demon Hunter
$3.5 $4.99
CBOD Off Day
$3.5 $4.99
CBLG Last Girl
$3.5 $4.99
CBA The Admiral
$3.5 $4.99
TTDL Dragon Line: A Darkworld Game (Only 2 remaining!) $14 $19.99